Cowes week 2016

The XODs have been the largest fleet in Cowes Week for many, many years and hold a special place in the event.  In 2011, our Centenary Year, the number of entries rose to an unprecedented 145.  Cowes Week continues to attract a large XOD fleet for eight days of racing round the cans for the prestigious Captain’s Cup.

“Cowes Week, the highlight of the XOD Calendar”

The racing is challenging. The size of the fleet, the range of conditions and, not least, the quality of the competition, make it so.

Needless to say it is a very sociable week with good friendships being forged across the fleet.

Cowes Week

The Captains Cup

The Captains Cup, the overall trophy for the week, is generally acknowledged within sailing circles, to be one of the most difficult to win.